Foundation parging and parging repair

EDM Parging is a family run exterior wall masonry business in Edmonton, Alberta. We offer parging applications to residential homes and commercial buildings. Parging helps to protect your foundation walls from the outdoor elements as well as salt and water damage. 

Our crew has over 20 years of experience, making us proficient in coat preparation and beautifully textured parging that resembles a modern stucco finish. The nature of our company is to be constructive towards the needs of our customers, so we are happy to walk you through our process, and do our best to answer any questions you may have. If we come across any concerns, we’ll be upfront about it as well, we are transparent and honest with our clients.


What We Offer

A professional parging company local to Edmonton who will respect your family and property as their own! We take much pride in developing close working relationships with our clients. 


We offer full honesty and transparency with our customers, upfront pricing that is competitive to the industry and well-maintained, fully stocked vehicles to ensure proficiency and quality craftsmanship.


We also provide our services over a large radius that includes all of Edmonton and surrounding areas such as St Albert, Fort Saskatchewan, Sherwood Park, Beaumont, Leduc, Devon, Spruce Grove and Stony Plain as well as rural acreages.​


Email, phone and text support 7 days a week, with prompt arrivals and same-day service options. For a fast free estimate send a picture of your project to edmparging@gmail.com or text to our site supervisor (780) 863-7942.

Foundation Parging

Parging is an approach of applying a fresh coat of masonry-based mortar or cement mix to the visible exterior mason blocks, stone wall or brick of your home’s foundational walls.

The parging material can be applied to many types of foundation walls, including concrete-block, poured concrete and insulated concrete foundation walls. 

Parging Repairs

Concrete is a product naturally susceptible to deterioration by the elements. Moisture and temperature change can cause concrete to crack, pit, and scale, making parging repairs a necessity to most homeowners.

Chipped corners are also common problems, these are usually prominent around the sides of the deck and under the patio as concrete edges are often the first to show wear and tear.

Garages, Retaining Walls

If you are a homeowner in Edmonton who is looking to have your home parged look no further! Our crew has got you covered. We parge everything from foundation walls to garage sides and retaining walls.

With a block foundation, above grade parging can provide extra weather protection as the foundation block joints will be covered completely with the parging mix, creating an air tight barrier.

Parging is a popular upgrade AMONG HOME OWNERS however, it is important to consult WITH a parging expert for services such as this.

ensurE the proper admixtures and bonding agents are utilized to create a strong and durable coat for Parging FOR THE BEST IMPRESSION.

Don't wait to get your parging fixed as soon as possible to prevent dangerous conditions for your property visitors, workers, or residents.

Whether you have a small crack or large hole, it’s a good idea to consult with a parging professional before you try to attempt a repair job yourself.

Many homeowners invest in parging for their foundation because it offers a large aesthetic appeal, enhancing your property’s image.


It provides a nice, smooth or textured look, compared to unfinished exterior foundation walls, which may show form work marks and imperfections.

Our team at EDM Parging has completed a wide range of parging jobs for both commercial and residential properties in Edmonton and surrounding areas. We would be happy to come do an assessment of the damage and give you an estimate. Small parging repairs can usually be done within a day or two, and we offer competitive pricing for all our parging work. Many of our customers have been thrilled with our fast and efficient service, get in touch today to see what we can do for you!

Cracked or loose parging is a very common type of masonry work that most properties require to be addressed. Parging damage can be caused by different elements such as running water, extreme heat, as well as wind, ice and salt. On top of fixing the damage itself, we want to identify the root cause to protect your property in the future where possible. For a quick estimate, snap a photo and send it to us online! You may also TEXT or call us and we will be happy to assist you.


Why Choose EDM Parging?

​We have over 20 years of experience! Over the years we have perfected our craft for parging in Edmonton and parging repairs. The integrity of our results are suited for long cold Canadian winters and hot dry summers. Edmonton's harsh climate makes it essential that the parging company you hire uses the right materials and techniques to ensure quality. We always use the best materials available. Finding a highly skilled parging contractor in Edmonton to do small jobs can be a challenge. At EDM Parging we approach small jobs like repairs with the same zeal and effort as big ones! Most of our work has come from referrals. We enjoy serving customers all over Edmonton and surrounding areas to give service of unparalleled quality and client-focused satisfaction.






Once your foundation parging has cracked or come loose it will only get worse! Also, when not applied properly, in some cases the parge coat may trap water, which could cause more damage that you were hoping to prevent in the first place. Get the damage fixed as soon as possible, this is important so you can avoid paying for additional repairs as a cause of extensive damage. Our reputation is built on dedicated hard work. You will love what we can do for your needs whether it be a parging repair or completely new parging job. We offer free consultations, and can provide same-day quotes!

We are proud to serve clients who are looking for parging in Edmonton and surrounding areas including:​








For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please text/call: (587) 415-5060 or fill out the following form

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